Designations of ‘Cru’ are rare in Champagne.

Only two vineyards are available! These champagnes come from grapes produced on specific communes selected for the quality of their exposure, to their soil...

The ‘Premiers Crus’ vineyards :

44 villages, famous for the quality of their territory, which gives to the Champagne its incomparable finesse.

They are exclusively situated in the Marne department.

The ‘Grands Crus’ vineyards :

These slopes have a very good exposure; only 17 of the 312 villages in the Champagne area have this designation.

The other 251 villages are in the champagne area but do not have a ‘cru’ denomination. The majority of champagne house productions comes from these villages, allowing a larger supply.

Champagne Croix d’Irval is a ‘Premier Cru’, a guarantee of its quality and of its constant taste.